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Maybe you’ve seen the commercials for the various online dating sites.The latest claim is that 1 in 5 relationships begin on an online hook-up hub. And the reason why married people “insensitively” tell you in so many words to do this, is because they know that marriage doesn’t solve all your longings for intimacy and belonging.Many have discovered this only after they got married and were still lonely.I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and websites almost every day.

I desire a life shaped by spiritual practices that empower me to actually do the sorts of things I write and read about in Web 2.0.

What is lacking externally is compensated for via a metaphorical fling with the King. An abstract, disembodied, web-based faith satisfies my longings to truly live empowered by the Spirit of Jesus in the real world. As stated earlier, the internet is a gift to my faith.

Something similar happens in our online life if we are not careful. I love blogging, reading, and relating to others about Jesus through social media outlets.

Ask God how you might take Christ’s love into your neighborhood and city.

And simply be with the Holy Spirit in the real world.

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