Who is jon gosselin dating now 2016

It looks like Jon Gosselin may be off the market again! These days, he's keeping it casual in a track suit. "I think Jon and Hailey are both filming a show right now," a source close to the couple exclusively told celebrity gossip website Radar. As for the nature of said relationship, however, it's a little less clear; Hailey may not be going back to the sad sack after all, the source says. NOTE: Jon was longer rocking his vintage Ed Hardy Douche T-Shirt, as seen above in the 2009 photo from when they first were a thing. News about life before and after now-ex-husband Jon Gosselin and said that dating has become a completely different game since she got divorced."We had pagers," she said, referring to how she and Jon used to communicate when they first got together. "For those who are too young to know what 143 signifies, it's I love you: one letter for I, four letters for love, three letters for you. Despite the evolutions in technology, whether it's cell phones or dating apps, the reality TV star said she won't let it get in her way."It's a completely different world, and I'm sure that every single parent who finds themselves eventually dating again would also agree that it's just weird and exciting but strange," she added.strange to Kate is the fact that some of her kids are now teenagers, which means they are starting to date, too!

Imagine being in a position where you're essentially forced to watch Kate Plus 8 online using Internet you can barely afford thanks to her.However, we suppose he didn't specifically say he's NOT using his neighbors' wifi, so perhaps there's a silver lining in there somewhere. What we can tell you is that his divorce is STILL making headlines all these years later, and for the most unpleasant of reasons primarily. It was recently revealed that ex-wife was scared of him after their nasty divorce, as she called police in 2015 over his "suspicious behavior." Of course, for every article about how Kate is scared Jon might kill her, there are other allegations of Gosselin abusing her kids, so ... On the heels of troubled son Collin's special needs treatment in a facility away from home comes news that her ex got engaged again. To a stunning 27-year-old girlfriend, Jenna Sabacheuskaya!What was it that ultimately drove the couple apart? There's no bad blood that we know of, but one year later, the father of three claims he hasn’t spoken to his ex-girlfriend since the split: “Neither of us has made an effort to reach out." That doesn't mean they're on bad terms, though, necessarily.“I was fine with Kate’s eight children, but I was uncomfortable with the spotlight,” Prescott explains of his reason for breaking up with her. Nothing would indicate that the two had any sort of falling out or argument. In January 2015, when the duo's relationship first went public, Prescott gushed about his then-girlfriend, who's so frequently maligned. Kate's parenting abilities are often so heavily scrutinized, but when it comes to that facet of her life, Jeff had only good things to report. That she is, although her motives and methods have often been called into question, such as when Kate roughed up her son so hard.

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