Updating maincraft

Config Files, then find the "Enable/Disable Auto-Update" option.From there, just set "Automatic Updates" to "Enabled", press the Save button, and you're good to go. With auto-updates enabled, all you need to do to grab the latest version is restart your server. Warning: with auto-updates enabled, your server try to update after every restart.In addition, we've developed a unique automatic update system that works to keep your server updated as soon as new versions of your favorite jars and modpacks are released.Please keep in mind that immediately after a Minecraft update, there usually isn't an updated Craft Bukkit or Spigot version available.Minecraft: Realms is still supported, duh, and you'll be able to access your private servers from any updated version of Minecraft.

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Here's all the details you need to know when it drops later this summer.If you're looking to update a modpack (not Cauldron/MCPC ), check out this guide.Cauldron/MCPC support automatic updates on our system. Virtually all of our server types support automatic updates.Me and my sister tried updating, but it says we both don't have enough space.We only have 2 games on our tablets each, and a bunch of space. This happened last time with the last update, it was later fixed.

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