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Some scholars have speculated a possible Hellenistic link to these sculptures, because of the lack of life-sized and realistic sculptures before the Qin dynasty.Furthermore, there is a large distinction between the Qin sculpting process and the Greek sculpting process.According to this account, 100 flowing rivers were simulated using mercury, and above them the ceiling was decorated with heavenly bodies below which were the features of the land.Some translations of this passage refer to "models" or "imitations"; however, those words were not used in the original text, which makes no mention of the terracotta army.Pit 2 has cavalry and infantry units as well as war chariots and is thought to represent a military guard.Pit 3 is the command post, with high-ranking officers and a war chariot.Other pits that formed the necropolis also have been excavated.

Some of the figures in Pits 1 and 2 show fire damage, while remains of burnt ceiling rafters have also been found.

This discovery prompted Chinese archaeologists to investigate, revealing the largest pottery figurine group ever found in China.

A museum complex has since been constructed over the area, with the largest pit enclosed within with a large structure.

These were discarded as worthless and used along with soil to back fill the excavations.

These are located approximately 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) east of the burial mound.

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