Signs you re dating a loser

Oh and keep an eye on any guy that wants to destroy your property as a demonstration of his rage.

Threatening physical violence is just as bad as committing the act itself because ultimately it’s about ruling with fear and this is emotional abuse.

But in almost all of us, it’s just a small part of who we are.

Most of us can live without extensive attention from the world, and we can get along just fine as long as we have a few friends we can rely on.

If your boyfriend/partner is displaying any of these signs, I would certainly have some serious concerns.

Use common sense and your gut and get out before you find yourself an empty shell of your former self.

That doesn’t make it any better and absolves him from responsibility.

He likes to be the decision maker and won’t entertain anything that you suggest. Forcing you to perform sexual acts which can be combined with any of the above to coerce you.

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No excuse is appropriate and no person should be used as a punchbag.Humiliation, swearing, insulting, put downs are often used as devices to control and manipulate a person into doing what they want.By eroding the self esteem and systematically engaging in these behaviours, this is emotional abuse.Control Freak – If your boyfriend tries to control who you see, when you see them, how you dress, where you go and much more, this is a very strong sign that you are with someone who is abusive.With someone who is like this, it is worthwhile addressing his behaviour and pointing out that his behaviour is controlling as with the right kind of guy, he will adjust his behaviour to appropriate levels.

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