Romania woman dating

At the very first dates nice topic to use is cultural exchange.

Tell her about your country, some interesting facts and stories would be very good.

Language barrier might be serious problem, because what is more important than understanding?

If you take some language classes this would help to understand each other plus your Romanian girl will see how serious you are as you have already started to learn language and also this shows her your respect to Romanian culture that is also important.

Of course, I’m not saying Romanian girls are all mercantile and not trying to generalize. However, if you are in Romania, you certainly have more chances to interest Romanian girl than her compatriots.

It is just such sort of things that many Romanian women prefer foreigners.

If it is developed country, you are going to have many competitors among other men.

Romanian women are also very intelligent and you have to take that into consideration, if you are planning to have serious relationship.

Otherwise, she would easily understand what is your real aim and that will be the end.

Many of them have been abroad, especially to the UK.

So, learning Romanian is not necessary, but serious plus for you.

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