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"The way they arrested me this time was barbaric," Canawati, who has been a radio journalist for over 15 years, told Al Jazeera.

"The previous times they arrested me at my office, but this time they came to my home.

Interrogators ordered that he name the anonymous sources used in his article.

"I refused to hand over my sources," he said, citing journalistic protections in Article 4 of the PA's 1995 Press and Publications Law.

They walked in, hit me, interrogated me and detained me." , an annual publication that ranks governments' treatment of journalists.

And of course, some of the tricks—between the divebombs or the Floyd Rose whammy bar things and then all the finger tapping."The problem is not with the legal system", but the "lack of accountability", Shayeb said."We have laws to protect us", and the government "claims that journalists' right to information is as large as the sky.He also was detained for five days in November 2010, after he broadcast a short news segment about tensions between PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Mohammed Dahlan, a senior member of Fatah currently based in Dubai.Arrests are often carried out as a result of personal grudges authorities or officials have against journalists, Canawati said.

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