Bradpcom dating education attraction and seduction review guide

Our natural and congruent approach creates authentic rapport and amplifies attraction.The better you understand yourself, the easier it is to express your true self in a far more active and attractive way.Tantra Logic is about the study and practice of fundamental social interaction in its spiritual, emotional, sexual, and psychological forms.The name Tantra Logic comes from the Sanskrit term tantra which literally means "weaving" or "integrating," the ancient practice of psychosexual self-awareness, and logos, the Greek word meaning "to study." Tantra Logic's yab-yum logo comes from the Hindu tradition and shows the male (yab) and female (yum) embraced in sexual union, radiating satisfaction from mutual fulfillment and complementary energy.Personal training, mentoring, and a personal growth guidance has enabled countless clients to become the person they wish to be, living their love lives on their own terms.Dating services find their customers a "perfect match" in the hope of finding chemistry or a spark.He set out to master the sensual arts--in doing so he uncovered his talent for helping others along their own journeys.Hundreds of men and women are now in control of their love lives thanks to his work.

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He has been active in Chicago's seduction community as a featured speaker and in-field instructor at Project Chicago and the Chicago Lair.

Working with others on exercises and in the field provides the know-how and self confidence it takes to become "comfortable being uncomfortable." Ultimately you gain the confidence to approach an attractive stranger anywhere you might find one.

James Amoureux, founder of Tantra Logic, is a sex educator and relationship coach.

The more you draw people to you, the more you recognize that you can meet an amazing mate practically anywhere.

We guide our clients to uncover their own standards through self-realization and intentional action.

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