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"I don't think this album was a learning process itself as far as the creation of it," he said about creating the album.

"I just think it was a culmination of things I had been learning over the past few years, and coming to an understanding.

Staples spoke on the title concept of his forthcoming album in an interview with Complex: "It encompasses things," says Vince.

"Being larger than life in a smaller world, so to say.

All of a sudden all of my games that I purchased became a trial game and the app doesn't even let me play them anymore. Before I emailed them I un-installed and re-installed 4 times based on all the article for all the different error code that the app kept telling me.

So, when they replied and told me to read the articles I replied back and was like I already did.

How rappers are perceived and perceive themselves...

I downloaded the app and everything was fine until it stopped working out of nowhere. When I emailed their help desk they replied to me to read the articles which I already did.

Now it seems like about half the reviews I give that are under 4 stars are rejected.

The reason given for the rejection is always vague, and that's probably because there IS no reason: I don't do spoilers, I don't use profanity, I follow all the other niggly little criteria that they insist upon, and still these reviews get rejected.

because if I buy a game that I hate based on fudged reviews, all that happens is that I don't trust the reviews anymore, or the company. I think BFG has a real conflict of interest situation going on with its reviews system tbh, and it needs to be sorted out - how can it be legit for a games developer (which is what BFG is) to screen reviews of its own games?

Oughtn't they to put a disclaimer on the website stating that they are biased in favour of their own product?

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