Been dating for 4 years

He has told me that he doesn't want to "hurt" her, but doesn't love her, hasn't for some time, and that they are more roommates than husband and wife.

I happen to know others who are friends with them and they concur that there is nothing there.

We can never seem to agree on anything and it seems like, when we are together, we bring out the absolute worst in each other.I feel like there is just something that doesn’t work between us, but she doesn’t feel the same.Is it fair that she is still head-over-heels in love with me, but I can’t stand being around her half the time? And, if we should break up, how would/should I go about doing it?This can be spotted when you are around those closest to him and they say something to the effect of, "Wow, Bob never told us how smart and talented you are!" A man who is serious about you and your future together raves about you. In social settings, when the topic of marriage or children comes up, he quickly changes the subject.

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