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Most parents never teach their kids about the importance of making contacts.They hope their kids are popular and make friends so they enjoy their days in school. Sure, they want their children to enjoy their years growing up.After all, why would someone settle for millions if they possessed the awareness to earn billions?

Exposure to people who are more successful than you are has the potential to expand your thinking and catapult your income.

Pamela is portrayed by actress Victoria Principal, first appearing on the show in the first episode, entitled "Digger's Daughter", which was first broadcast on April 2, 1978.

Dallas follows the trials of the wealthy Ewing oil family in the city of Dallas, Texas, which Pam has married into.

The average person wants to meet a millionaire to tell their friends they met a millionaire.

Millionaires, on the other hand, want to associate with billionaires to learn how they think.

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