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So when there is more than one validation control placed next to the field, the first validation control occupies screen space even when there is no error.In case the second validation control fires an error message, the message is pushed away from the control since the first validation control is occupying screen space.Why not simply add a function that does the validation directly to the dictionary?This approach allows us to run some initialization code at the time the validator is being hooked up to the metadata (as opposed to every time validation occurs).For eg: If your combobox has a default item called “--Select --“ and you want that the user should select a value other than the default value before submitting the form, then set the ‘Initial Value’ property of the Required Field Validator to “--Select--“.

We then run through similar logic as we did in the server side validation code. At the core, we emit some JSON metadata describing what fields to validate and what type of validation to perform.

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This is purely metadata at this point and the array will get converted into JSON and emitted in the client so that client validation can hook up all the correct rules.

In this case, we only have one rule and we are calling its validation type “price”. The next step is for us to now register this validator.

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