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Members of NAADAC or Accu Care Subscribers receive a Certificate of Completion for 1 CE for free.Non-members of NAADAC or Non-subscribers of Accu Care receive 1 CE for (make payment here).The United States has begun dismantling the Kelihos botnet, the US Department of Justice (Do J) announced on Monday.A civil complaint was filed in the District Court of Alaska against the purported Kelihos botmaster, Peter Levashov on 4 April, in an attempt to begin dismantling the network of zombified computers.The late October bust resulted in the arrests of 10 men, plus the seizure of more than ,100 in cash and 10 cell phones, police say.The sting, conducted by Palmer and Wasilla police with help from the FBI and Anchorage's vice squad, was associated with a larger federal strategy called Operation Cross Country that targets child prostitutes and people who sell children into slavery.Attendees will also be introduced to content for working with the core beliefs of the sexual co-addicted and counselor preparation for working with sexually addicted clients.

The men range in age from 18 to 58; most live in Palmer and Wasilla, though three drove up from Anchorage or Eagle River. All were arrested for solicitation of prostitution, a misdemeanor, received court summons and were released.

He also assisted in the creation of, and later served as Commissioner of the National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission.

Don is the Director and Professor of the Graduate Addictions Counseling Program at Indiana Wesleyan University.

The measure approved by the Sitka Assembly last week bans more cellphone uses while driving than state law, which only prohibits texting while behind … Geological Survey says the Pavlof Volcano, which is about 600 miles southwest of Anchorage and roughly 40 miles from … Geological Survey have solved a 50-year natural science mystery: the undersea source of tsunami waves that devastated a remote Alaska village following the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake.

A remote and active volcano on Alaska’s Aleutian Islands erupted, sending ash 20,000 feet into the air, scientists said. A magnitude 4.5 earthquake that hit south-central Alaskawas felt in the state’s largest city, Anchorage, and was one of several recent quakes in the area. Underwater landslides at depths of 820 to 1,150 feet … Bill Walker has lauded the efforts of Kenai Peninsula agencies in their response to the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that resulted in highway damage and the destruction of four homes.

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