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Depression is a mental illness often associated and correlated with suicidal ideation.Teens experiencing depression display hopelessness, irritability, fearfulness, loss of interest in activities, and a change in eating and sleeping habits.All our numbers are so cheap, you can relax and stay a while!ready to talk dirty with you as soon as you pick up that phone. All the girls on our lines take their calls at home, alone so they can do what ever they want and get really naughty for you.Teens volunteer their time with TEENline because they care about helping their peers.

You can be the listening ear they need during this difficult time. See if there is a trusted adult your friend might talk to who would listen and wouldn't judge; maybe a parent, teacher or pastor.

With the built-in desktop notifications, you won’t miss any chats. It isn’t the concept of live chat itself that sets us apart from the competition, of course many of our competitors offer live chat rooms too.

But it is the potential Live Chat has unlocked for our team with its unique easy-to-use interface and desktop applications, two-way conversation prospects, advanced chat search and quick chat history tracking that makes this a major (customer service) game changer for us.

She'll be alone at home on her landline, so you'll get all the attention you need.

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